What is my Why

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July 6, 2018

Howdy Y’all

My name is Frank I’m a Single father of 2 kids and a Full time wood worker trying to do my best to provide for my kids. I’m also a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps. So you set back and enjoy the ride and learn as we go together. I want to pass the knowledge of wood working and life skills that ain’t being taught in today education system. Remember this is my take on things. Some post will be text and some will be video or a little of both. This is a new journey for me so bear with me as this blog kicks off.

Disclaimer: My grammar ain’t the greatest nor will my words be politically correct. So if your you a grammar nazi, someone that gets offended easily or has to disagree with others because it’s not your opinion ya just may not want to read my blog. Also if you comment on a post trying to start and argument, or disagree with me and you can’t discuss it like an adult, you could be come a topic of a blog post. So if ya stay you have been warned!

Thank you

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